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Making friends over a Japanese dinner

Nicely set tables, placed very close to the floor and chairs with no legs. Western men trying to bend their legs trying to get into a position that is similar to how tailors used to sit. But this looks more like modern art or a

The first morning drill

Our guide, Stefan, starts off the morning routine with a brief presentation of everyone in the group. He's the only one who has had contact with everyone. He is the hub. He is the guy everyone in the group wants to know, preferably a little

The art of monotone work

Forward, forward, forward, forward. Cham, Cham, Cham, Cham. In silence, we strive upwards. I can’t recall how many times I read the name of the skis on the guy ahead of me. Cham 97, Cham 97, Cham 97. What happened in Chamonix 1997? Or is

Just another day at the office

Work. This is just another day on the job for our guide Stefan Palm. I wonder what he does when he's off? He probably has a small dark room in the basement of his chalet in Chamonix where he sneaks in wearing not so colorful

The not so famous mountain

Mount Yotei is a living volcano. 1898 meters high, sugarloaf shaped and a little bit of a Fuji wannabe mountain. It is known for being one of Japan's 100 most famous mountains, that’s not very famous, is it? For today it is our uphill, soon to

Manners in a volcano pool

The hot water comes directly from the inner secret of Mother Earth, via a Japanese volcano, a small rippling stream and a simple man made chute of wood straight down into the pool that we share with seven naked Japanese men. All are naked and

How to enter an onsen

Onsen is not for beginners. This hot water soul cleaning procedure should be done in the right way, right away. Without doing it wrong. Making mistakes is both wrong and rude. Rude is probably a word that doesn’t exist in the Japanese language. Perhaps as

First morning thoughts

Ryokan. That’s Japanese for “A hotel with a direct connection to the inner heat of mother earth”. It´s like a Swedish mountain resort in the 70s. So un trendy, un hip and un anxious. But very quiet, dignified, polite and proud. There is no crowd at

Conveyer belt behavior

Nagoya, Japan. We are hanging out at the conveyor belt. We are late for our next flight to Sapporo and a very polite lady from the airline apologize and tells us, over and over again, how truly sorry she is for the delay. She stands

Ready to go!

It's on. First day of recording in Japan is Feb 1st, 2015. And the website is up. Stay tuned! We are packing all our gear up. I wonder how touring with the Red Dragon and all the primes will feel like, going downhill in deep pow. I