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About Soul

For twenty years Stefan Palm, one of the few Swedish internationally certified mountain guides, traveled to amazing destinations all over the world with his guests. He has taken them to exotic places to ski and invited them to unique cross-cultural experiences and to meet local legends. Stefan delivers his clients more than just skiing. He invites them to an extraordinary adventure. An adventure about to be filmed. The Soul of Skiing is a series of documentaries following Stefan on different locations – Hokkaido, Chile, Riksgränsen and the Palm family base camp in Chamonix, France.

Skiing in beautiful and spectacular environments is the framework for the series but is just as much about the destination, and the things that make that place special – the culture, the people, the food and the adventure.

Fredrik Lindgårdh – Producer and videographer with a well-known habit of always getting totally involved in the production. I do the planning, I seek out the odd angle and I love spending time to hunt down that perfect soundtrack. I have a handful of seasons in Chamonix and Riksgränsen under my belt and I am the guitarist who played the drums in Gary Bigham’s band The Rock Skis.

Anders Klapp – I´m a filmmaker and photographer. Founder of Klapp.co, a production company specialized in film, web and app production. I enjoy diving headfirst into all of our film projects. I just love being out there doing my thing with a camera in my face. I´ve been traveling around the world, spent two seasons in Verbier and are a dedicated snow kiter and skateboarder. See you out there!

Fredrik Dannemann – Skier and copywriter, in that order. Partner in Food & Friends, a communication agency that only works with clients in the food and beverage sector. I have some 15 cookbooks in my backpack that I have written together with very skilled chefs. I also have three seasons on skis in Verbier, Switzerland and one in Squaw Valley, California. Skiing, food, and words. That´s pretty much me.